• Step1. Order your Video online after Viewing Plans.
    Don’t worry if the script isn’t right we will contact you to perfect it

  • Step2. The client’s requirements will be reviewed by the review team and we will set up a call to discuss the concept and ideas.

  • Step3. Our creative team will create the story board sketch and send it to the client for approval.

  • Step4. After storyboard approval, we will create the graphics and animation and send it to the client for approval.

  • Step5. Next, a voice over artist is chosen ( you can choose Male/Female and different accents. English/USA or even a different language, the script is recorded and sent to the client for approval.

  • Step6. Once that is approved, we add music & special effects and the your video is complete. You will be sent the final video once payment is received in full.

Who we are

We are a exceptional team, based in London serving clients worldwide. Extremely passionate about what we do and all self confessed workaholics. With 100% satisfied customers we strive to stand out and excel in everyday. With a solid background in marketing the team can help turn your business around by making your business stand out  At 30Sec Video, our experts create some of the most attractive and informative animated explainer videos for every business. We can also provide bolt-on services to help promote your video.  Don’t hang around get in touch today!   

  • Works100+
  • Starts£499


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